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Breakthrough gear heat treatment to further improve the quality of the bottleneck
Source:Zaozhuang Long Yue Machine Tools Co., Ltd. Author:Administrator Published in:2010-11-19 23:06:58 Has been read:7866Times
Gear Products in China for nearly 10 years has made substantial progress, many products have reached or approached international advanced level, but there is still a large portion of gear and transmission products, noise and vibration fatigue life with the apparent gap between the international advanced level, and This, in turn, with the gear materials and heat treatment equipment and technology level are closely related, they have become China's catching up to international standards Gear Products bottleneck.
It is precisely because of this clear understanding, gears professional associations not only set up a Working Committee for Materials and Heat Treatment, and the convening of a heat treatment every year seminars. Recently, they organized in Changchun, "Carburizing and Quenching of Gear in 2007 seminar," More than 100 industry experts and gear manufacturers, heat treatment equipment and accessories manufacturer representatives together for how to further enhance the quality of gear exchange seminar ideas.
Gear Professional Association Secretary-General Wang Sheng Tong at the meeting summed up the gears of our products in recent years achieved outstanding results, he thinks this is the level of material and heat treatment on the results.
China gear industry is developing rapidly in recent years, gear GDP reached 70 billion yuan, and various types of gear products are all-round development.
First, the autonomous vehicle manual gearbox products reach or approach international standards. Among them, in order to Shaanxi Fusite law as represented by medium and heavy automobile gearbox particularly prominent, Qijiang, Tatung products also have good performance. Are able to match the main five tons to 50 tons of various models, and export more than 10 countries in Europe and America; to Changchun and Chongqing Automobile Gear Factory Castle represented a minor car manual gearbox is also making rapid progress; to Zhejiang Shuanghuan represented motorcycle, automobile gear professional production enterprises for enterprises in Japan and Europe; to Tianjin Tianhai Synchronizer represented key parts enterprises have also been involved in international matching.
Secondly, Shaanxi Hande Axle Axle plant production enterprises in China, the first realization of the technology export, which would indicate that the introduction of basic technologies, combined with China's national conditions, through continuous improvement with the second development is entirely possible for the formation of autonomous Product Series , including the strong type, quenching type, strengthen the quenching type, broad-based Tread, 13t ~ 16t series of products.
There are small and medium-sized industrial power transmission to start bulk exports of GM Europe and the United States. In recent years, SEW of Germany, represented by small and medium-power general-purpose industrial gearboxes have an influx of international players the domestic market, in the same table with their competition, stars, Wanjie east edge, and a number of other full performance of private enterprises in Zhejiang Province outstanding quality of products made rapid progress, the product exports Europe and the United States realize quantities.
In addition, the industrial high-speed transmission with heavy-duty products have been supporting for transnational corporations. Near 5 years, after many years of technology and large-scale technical transformation temper, China has formed a number of enterprises with world-class high-speed and heavy-duty gear manufacturing capacity. As cement, metallurgy, mining, marine, gas turbines, and assorted high-speed heavy-duty gear, has been participating in international support, many of them like to Marker, SMS, USA PH world's best known companies such matching. Heavy gear, Southern high gear, hang forward in the 3 ~ 4 Hardened grinding gearbox quenching quality of products already reach or approach international advanced level of the company.
Wang Sheng Tong said that the gear can not be separated from China Products on the level of heat treatment process equipment support. The most outstanding performance of our heat treatment process is complete sets of equipment significantly enhance the degree of NC. For over 20 years, with Aichelin, Ipsen foreign well-known brands such as Units of the same competition, has been formed with Chinese characteristics gear carburizing, heat treatment technology and complete sets of equipment, heat treatment equipment for domestic market share increased year by year with a highly competitive, FAW Schwab of the box-type furnace, continuous furnace, pit furnace in Xi'an the people's livelihood are the best. In particular, are a reminder dialysis technology has aroused the concern of foreign companies.
Speaking of gear products and foreign advanced levels, WANG Sheng-tang vehicle main spiral bevel gear reducer for example, pointed out that apart from a small number of enterprises reach or approach the advanced level abroad, the majority of enterprise products in the fatigue life and noise indicators with foreign advanced level in the gap between large enterprises in a low-cost, low quality of the vicious competition. And its quality level and the level of material and heat treatment has an important relationship.
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