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China Machine comprehensive strength in the world
Source:Zaozhuang Long Yue Machine Tools Co., Ltd. Author:Administrator Published in:2009-2-20 9:37:55 Has been read:4712Times
In recent years, a major exhibition activities at home and abroad, the Chinese machine tool "high, fine, sharp," Product technology frequent appearances in the field of international trade reputation bird, the rave reviews, which allow us to see the country's comprehensive national strength machine tool industry continuously improve the strength in the fact that it was illustrated that the scale and focus of the integrated variety, China have entered into the world's top few.

In 2006, China's machine tool industry for China's machine tool quantity are 40 to 50 million units, of which 85,756 Units CNC machine tools (in addition to CNC machine tools affordable electricity 4,5 million units not included), from the quantity in terms of in the world are rare. Species on the machine tool, to meet the diverse needs of user industries, on the whole of China has more than 3500 varieties, which have more than 1500 kinds of CNC machine tools, these figures in the world is the status. China's CNC machine tools is very wide varieties on the market whether it is cars, milling, grinding, special processing, as well as various categories of metal forming machine tools (heavy-duty, super-heavy) and so on. At the same time, China's market has developed very rapidly, in great demand, China's machine tool products on the domestic market share, last year was about 44.6 percent, tools, Product market share of about 65%.
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