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T83 Series Brake Drum Boring Machine
Brake Drum(Plate )Lathe
Cylinder Boring or Honing Machine
Riveting Machine
Series Lifter
LTC Series tire changer
Drilling Machine
Hydraulic presser
Other Machine
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Company Profile
    ZAOZHUANG LONG YUE MACHINE TOOL CO., LTD. is a middle-scaled share institution. It was named ZAOZHUANG MACHINE TOOL WORKS before completing the share institution. We have 40 years of experience in production of machine tool. Covering an area of 70000 sq.m. We have fixed assets of more than 18 million yuan and 150 professional technicians, including 50 senior engineers. It is a member of CHINA MACHINE TOOL INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION ,director unit of CHINA TRADE ASSOCIATION OF AUTOMOBILE MAINTAINING EQUIPMENTS, etc.
    In1994, it was awarded "NEW HIGH-TECH ENTERPRISE" by science and technology commission of SHANDONG province. In 2001, we received the accreditation of ISO9001 QUALITY GUARANTEE SYSTEM, and have various advanced processing means and measuring equipments more than 150 sets. We have set up casting , forge welding, heat processing, machine finishing, gear producing, installing, tool driving, spray paint and packing ,etc eight workshops and more than 10 departments of production developing and quality measuring, etc.
    With more than 20 years' history of automobile maintaining equipments production, we have advanced technology and rich managing experience. For its quality, credit and sales volume, our "upright brake drum boring machine" was ranked the first place among the same line in china. The sales net have covered all over the nation, and the products have exported to SOUTH-EAST ASIA, MIDDLE EAST, AFRICA, GERMANY and LATIN AMERICA. Our main products: 1. T83 SERIES brake drum boring machine 2. C93 SERIES brake plate (drum) lathe 3. T80 SERIES cylinder boring machine and honing machine. 4. LTC SERIES tire changer, and SERIES lifting machine.
    In recent years, in order to meet with the market demands, we paid attention to market survey, technological innovation and constantly put out new automobile maintaining products according to user's needs.
    We'll capture your reliance of our high quality, accredit and service.

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